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Illegal billboards and dead culprits

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A situation that we don’t know how to present it, outrageous and incomprehensible at the same time.

If we keep it only for ourselves, the public will be at the same time uninformed. So, pay attention to the following.

We told you at the beginning of this year about the existence of a billboard in the centre of Edinet, that for us, as participant in traffic, caused confusion, because the pedestrian crossing sign overlapped with the back image of the billboard.

We were glad that at that time the Edinet Police Inspectorate self-reported after our posting, especially that we also have a collaborative partnership in the middle, and communicated us the following message:

      ”Edinet Police Inspectorate has self-reported after the public posting on the “ASUM” electronic page on “Facebook” by the report recorded in the Register of Records of Edinet PI no. 221 from 19.01.2021, with reference to the alleged violation of the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation by installing a billboard behind the 5.50.2 road sign (the pedestrian crossing sign) on St. Independentei, Edinet District.

      Following examination of the case it was found that, the “Consumer Credit” billboard was placed in accordance with the regulations pursuant to the provisions p. 129, lit. “a, b” of Road Traffic Regulations, fact that is confirmed also by endorsement of the billboard layout plan by the responsible authorities.

     Thus, there are any obstacles created to the road traffic, neither to the 5.50.2 road sign (the pedestrian crossing sign).

In other words, the billboard is legally placed and even endorsed. We don’t know who is responsible for the case documentation or who redacted the answer, but as we are annoyed by the received message, we decide to keep on investigating, because we know that in a normal country a billboard is not supposed to be placed like this.

We asked the Edinet City Hall the Regulation on the location of targets in street areas and local roads. We are asked back what we mean, as if it’s the first time when it hears about this. Probably, it has no specialists in the field to tell them.

Finally, the Inspectorate General of Police in Chisinau communicates us the fact that Edinet City Hall did not held either for previous or current years such a regulation and that the culprits will be held accountable. Now there is the question: who are the culprits? What are so many committees, specialists, subdivisions and many others for?

Following the examination, we bring to your attention that the billboard placed on St. Independentei (opposite the TERRA Commercial Centre) Edinet District, at the moment is illegally placed, having no authorization from LPA.

At the same time, the person who installed the billboard, cannot be held accountable in contravention in connection with the death of the late. Further, the billboard will be demolished.

Following our deeper investigation, we have recently received a second answer from the Edinet Police Inspectorate where we have been told that that billboard is illegally placed and has no authorization from the City Hall and it will be demolished. If this one has no authorization, the others how are supposed to have if there is no Regulation?

Somewhere, someone on our way to this has mislead us, giving us false information. Why were we not told from the very beginning that it is illegally placed? This Regulation has to be periodically updated, at each update there was a dead culprit? Hasn’t anyone ever taken action? So many specialists and for nothing?

We will keep on investigating about the identification of all culprits in this situation and we’ll make sure that all billboards in the district will be legally placed. Not only the billboards, but also the pedestrian crossing, road signs that endanger people’s lives.

We point out the fact that we also have a case in our attention that involves culprits, the employees of a public institution in Edinet, who cannot be held accountable because they are dead. We do accuse nobody, but there are too many dead culprits… or it’s just a simple coincidence?

In conclusion, we mention that we make all efforts to have a fruitful collaboration with the Edinet Police Inspectorate and we hope that our message will be correctly understood, measures will be taken in the same way, legally and the current management will address the shortcomings identified. Only In this way we can make progress in the right and legal direction!

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