Acasă News “Transparency” of public meetings at Edinet District Council!

“Transparency” of public meetings at Edinet District Council!

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Here is how public meetings are organized at ?????? District Council!

To ensure that they are only carried out online we were also present at the headquarters where we were denied the access. That is to remove any further doubt.

We entered the Viber group by invitation as indicated in the 36th provision of March 18. On Viber someone began to check who is present. 25 counselors announced their presence in writing. Then the same person counts and writes that there are 31 counselors present. When I counted there were only 25 and I drew their attention to it. They immediately removed us from the online meeting! Clear proof for the Balti Court of Appeal! That we still have a trial on the same subject regarding transparency of public meetings. You know we fight for transparency! You know, right? Maybe someone is self-interested about these ”online” meetings from Edinet District Council! Not to mention that the draft decisions for today’s meeting have not been published either! I checked it last night! Each time I have contacted the State Chancellery of Edinet, unfortunately so far nothing has been done in this regard! Does it want to exercise its duties legally?

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