Acasă News Equal before the laws and public authorities on a declarative or factual level?

Equal before the laws and public authorities on a declarative or factual level?

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How do we pay for waste collection in Edineț municipality? The question is simple; the answer is just as simple. Pay who can and when, if ever. We have been addressing for some time and we have been insisting that the Propriety management and leasing Edineț give us some answers to understand why things are going so badly with waste collection in Edineț municipality and why this discrimination is made between the residents of Edineț, but we have not been able to get any answer. The chairman of the Property management and leasing is not interested in giving us such information. He has already moved on to the next level – he is an expert in paving streets. When the enterprise you run goes fine, you start to deal with other issues…. I have found from other official sources the necessary information. Through the Bureau of Statistics we learn that at the level of Edineț municipality, in order to get an idea of the real situation, we have about 18,200 permanent inhabitants, of which only 8,805 people pay for waste collection (in 2019)! From 2016 to the end of 2019, the volume of waste collected from private households almost doubled – from 9,200 m3 to 18,000 m3! What does that mean? That we produce a lot of garbage and that most people do not pay for this service. We have recently notified the Edineț Town Council and Edineț Town Hall, submitting a proposal to them, since it is the founder of the Î.M. DPGL-C (Municipal Enterprise Production Directorate for Propriety Management and Leasing) Edineț, an enterprise that also collects waste equally from the population and from public areas, both from those who pay and from those who do not pay for the service, which constitutes a violation of the right of equity with the public service. We asked to discuss and bring to the table of local councillors the proposal whereby, by a decision of the Town Council all citizens are obliged, following a written notification, to conclude waste collection contracts with the municipal enterprise, with the application of penalties for existing contracts (natural and legal persons) where the service is not paid for 1-2 months, with the seizure of bank accounts (pension, salary, social assistance, etc.). We believe that only in this way all citizens will benefit from the same public service equally.

It remains to be seen how the local councillors also consider the resolution of this oppressive and at the same time discriminatory problem!

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