Acasă News Changes in the Regulations of state medical institutions in Edineț municipality

Changes in the Regulations of state medical institutions in Edineț municipality

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How is a public meeting held on Viber? Try to imagine yourself, but we do not succeed. Let’s say the 33 counsellors participate, plus other people, around 40 people.

One writes – 39 answer, in writing. Then they debate every topic, also in writing, check opinions and a lot of other stuff. Serious work on Viber, not like others! This is not a child game! And we wake up that again some state authorities will declare that everything is carried out in perfect legality…

One day we will even participate in a session on Viber (if they will continue like this), since we find this funny, not to say seriously weird. We want to see it with our own eyes, it seems to be a unique experience. Interestingly, although they wrote that the public meeting will be held on Viber, the announcement insists that ”a way will be found for the participation of both parties”. Well, if it’s clearly written on Viber, what other way to find it, gentlemen?! Include all those who wish in the group of councillors and that’s it, let people have free access to the group of so-called “online public meetings”, if you cannot otherwise. Can we also ask for a copy of today’s public session? Especially since it’s all recorded. We really need it!

2. Taking into consideration the option of councillors, the District Council meeting will take place in distance regime by using the informational and communicational technologies (VIBER). Co-interested persons to take part to the meeting should call the phone number 0246 22459 in order to find a way for the participation of both parties

We want to see, for example, how it was discussed today 5th of February, point 18, but also 17 and 19 of Provision 14/01.02.2021.

17) Regarding the conclusion of the lease contracts for the unused assets between IMSP Edineț Health Centre and the legal, natural persons.

Inf. _____IMSP Edineț Health Centre

18) Regarding the amendment of the IMSP Edineț Regional Hospital, IMSP Edineț Health Centre and IMSP Cupcini Health Centre Regulations.

19) Regarding the appointment of the responsible person for the funding of the Public Medical Sanitary Institutions in the region.

What do you think would be interesting here? Well, we should tell you. If you remember a few weeks ago we publicly commented on the composition of the Boards of Directors of Edineț District Hospital and IMSP ”Health Center” Edineț. At that time the state authorities informed us that both in the case of the Edineț District Hospital and that of the IMSP ”Health Center” Edineț, the respective provisions are perfectly legal, since the elected members of the Board of Directors, according to the Regulation of the institutions perform voluntary and unpaid work and are not in any conflict! It’s good that there is still such a thing, especially in public institutions! However, ASUM then requested that these regulations be made available to us for consultation, with all their changes from recent years to the present. As for how the members were elected, that’s another question. We haven’t received anything we’ve requested yet. And these things should not be overlooked. Did any of them contain irregularities and should they be eliminated until they were remitted? Probably yes, especially if we also read the notice of initiation of the elaboration of the decision. According to it, anyone interested can send recommendations on this topic by February 10, only today is February 5 and it has already been decided… and then how to send a recommendation if you do not receive the basic material to document yourself…

At the same time, we also add that recently, IMPS Edineț”Health Centre” has created, as an emergency and official page -an important step to increase transparency! The same is to be done by the Edineț District Hospital. That’s what makes us happy! At the same time, the Edineț District Council announces the date of all public meetings this year. That’s a good thing again! But we will continue the topic of health. We still have a lot to say!

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